A Belgian Company that provides roof covering for flat roofs needed their gas scrubber to be replaced urgently. The company uses the scrubber to treat bituminous oil gases.

PCA installed a two-stage evaporator at Winsol to treat its waste water. We were also called in for the production of demineralised water, for which a duplex ion exchanger was supplied.

New AIR-cooling tower

In 2018 Almeco already delivered one new cooling tower to a chemical company. Now, five years later, we are again delivering two new AIR-1818 cooling towers to replace three old ones. Another happy customer!

Almeco has designed and assembled 18 soundproof cabinets for an oil terminal in Texas. The enclosures should ensure that noise pollutions in the are can be reduced to a minimum.

The quality of the ambient air in the production hall plays an important role for Barco in Kortrijk. Using partially softened city water, Barco was struggling with salt desposits on their nebulisers. PCA provided a long term solution by offering a water softener combined with an RO installation. 

In recent years, Flanders has been struggling with water shortages during the summer and this has a major impact on industry. Alpro is facing the same probolem and therefore invested in a water treatment plant. Almeco has  supplied a closed cooling tower for this plant.

Two large silencers with integrated filtration

One of our French customers within the metal industry wasn't just looking for a solution for the sound distribution of their fans, but also for the filtration in order to protect the fans.

two large axial fans

For a customer in Senegal we had to find and work out an appropriate solution to provide cooling for a generator set within a 55MW power station. We therefore designed and shipped 18 axial fans with a 1320mm diameter and a 7.5 kW motor.

Two-stage air purification installation with spraying tower and gas scrubber for the purification of acids and paint pigments, PCA Air

From our customer, a manufacturer of paint pigments, we were asked whether we could purify the air coming from their production environment. Pigments are made by using different powders and light amounts of acids.

Vertical gas scrubber for treatment of acidic exhaust gases, PCA Air

We were contacted by a customer active in the medical sector, to offer them a tailor-made solution for a contaminated airflow. A new electrolytic polishing production line is being built at the customer’s site.