Almeco contributes to sustainable water supply Alpro

Water shortage

In recent years, Flanders has been struggling with water shortages during the summer and this has a major impact on industry. This also has huge consequences for Alpro since water is an essential part of their production process. That is why Alpro, in collaboration with the Watergroup, decided to invest in a new water treatment plant. Eurowater was their partner for the delivery of this installation.

Cooling of the effluent

For this water treatment plant, Eurowater was looking for a energy-efficient way to cool the effluent to make sure the maximum temperature would not be exceeded. This problem was presented to Almeco and we immediately set to work with great enthusiasm.

Energy efficient cooling tower

Almeco supplies a closed cooling tower with stainless steel bund that ensures the effluent can be cooled in an effective and energy efficient manner. The cooling tower includes a centrifugal fan driven by an EC motor. This motor ensures a real optimisation in terms of energy efficiency; something that is very important these days.
In addition, a silencer was installed on the suction side of the cooling tower. This silencer limits sound propagation and thus prevents noise pollution.

In short, a tailor made solution for Eurowater's problem and a nice contribution to a sustainable water treatment plant.

Want to find out more about this sustainable project? Go and take a look on the website of de Watergroep:

Gloednieuwe waterhergebruikinstallatie bij Alpro | De Watergroep

Technical specifications
  • External EC motor: permanent magnet motor with brushless commuation fitted with maintenance-free ball bearings
  • EC-motor exceeds efficiency class IE4
  • Integrated control electronics = no separate frequency converter required
  • Electrically driven valves for discharge