PCA installs a two-stage evaporator at Winsol

The company Winsol in Aalter has recently invested in a new pretreatment line for its aluminium profiles. Those profiles need to be treated in a chemical process before they can be painted. During the final step of that chemical process, the profiles are rinsed with demineralised water to make sure no salt residues are left. This is where PCA steps in!

Two-stage evaporator

Waste water gets released during such a chemical pretreatment. This is caused on the one hand by the continuous refreshing of the pickling and conversion bath, and on the other hand by refreshing the rinsing baths. To treat this waste water, Winsol opted for the latest technology: a vacuum evaporator. Thanks to this technology, the water is reused in a closed circuit and the customer gets the 'zero discharge' status. This is not only a good thing for the company's image, it also ensures that discharge taxes are no longer applied.

Since the considerable amount of water involved, PCA chose a two-stage evaporator. A two-stage evaporator consumes 35% less energy than a single-stage evaporator.

Production of demineralised water

A duplex ion exchanger is used to produce demineralised water. Through a closed system, the demineralised water is transferred to the pretreatment line, after which the contaminated water gets demineralised again and is ready of reuse. In this way, demineralised water is always available. Waste water from regeneration of the ion exchangers is also treated through the evaporator

PCA is responsible for further monitoring of the installation and maintenance.

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