Water softener and RO for Barco

Salt deposits caused clogged nebulisers

Barco is a technology company which is based in Kortrijk. They specialise in projectors and displays for the entertaintment, healthcare and industrial sector. 

In their production area in Kortrijk, the quality of the ambient air is very important. Among other things, humidity plays a major role. To guarantee the right air humidity, fans with nebulisers have been fitted to blow air into the production hall. Previously, they used partly softened city water for this purpose, but this caused clogged nebulisers due to the formation of salt deposits.

PCA has the solution

PCA has fixed this problem with the help of a water softener and an RO installation. That combination converts city water to demineralised water. The demineralised water doesn't contain salts and is therefore ideal to use in nebulisation. In addition, PCA adapted the piping of new installations. Since then, water nebulisation runs smoothly and they don't have to waste any more time and money on maintenance.

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