Smallest PCA evaporator

We installed the smallest evaporator that PCA has ever built.

RTO pharmaceutical industry

The RTO removes solvents such as acetone and ethanol.

RTO steel industry

The thermal oxidizer not only purifies VOC, but also provides heat for the furnaces.

Maintenance on centrifugal fan

For a customer from the petrochemical sector, we carried out an extensive inspection and preventive maintenance.

reference fysical chemical treatment

PCA places second physico-chemical treatment plant for aluminium expert.

Pilot test DMF control

Following the tightening of the emission limits for DMF in the textile industry, a solution is being sought to further purify the air flow after an RTO treatment.

Duplex RO

Production is never interrupted thanks to parallel-built ROs.

centrifugal fan fume extraction

For a customer in the steel industry we built a centrifugal fan for fume extraction.

spraying system

PCA developed a solution for dust problems.

Activated carbon filter for treatment of hydrogen chloride, PCA Air

A client needed an installation for the treatment of hydrogen chloride. HCl in its gaseous form is colourless, highly corrosive and extremely dangerous.