AGC Seneffe replaces ion exchanger with RO

At AGC’s facility in Seneffe it was important to have demineralised water available at a consistent quality. In the past, the demineralised water was produced with a duplex ion-exchanger. However, this required a lot of space and there was also a necessity to store HCl and NaOH, which are hazardous products.

Because the old ion exchanger was not in good condition, PCA had been commissioned to build an RO to replace the ion exchanger. Moreover, the RO was to be installed in the same location as the still operating ion exchanger.

As production had to continue, the RO was temporarily placed in another location to make time to remove the old ion exchanger and associated chemicals tanks. The concrete floor was also renovated to give the area a nice and clean appearance.

Afterwards, the RO was placed in the location of the old ion exchanger. Because the RO takes up much less space a lot of additional space was created, which could be used for other purposes.

An anti-scalant dosing was chosen for pre-treatment of the RO. Such a pre-treatment requires very little manual labour and the operating costs are much lower than of a traditional water softener.