AXON Group is committed to the environment!

AXON Group is committed to the environment!

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For a long time now it has been clear that we need to change the way we deal with our precious planet. Making a commitment to the environment can start with small things like sorting, recycling,... but there are also a lot of other things we can do. A few years ago, we decided that we wanted to make a contribution to the environment. Being a small business, this is not an easy task. Nevertheless, we managed to achieve a number of things.

Almeco solar panels

This spring, our solar panels have been on our roof for three years now. Solar panels are a sustainable source of energy. In this way, we are able to generate and consume our own electricity, thus eliminating the need for other, more polluting sources of energy. With our 240 solar panels we have a power output of no less than 61.2 kWp. We use 60% of this ourselves. On average, one third of our total electricity consumption is generated by solar energy.


But we are also trying to be greener in other ways: that's why we invest in hybrid cars. The hybrid car runs on two engines: an internal combustion engine and an electric motor. The car charges the battery with its own energy, so you don't need charging stations. For example, the car stores the kinetic energy that is generated when you brake. In this way, we reduce both our fuel consumption and our CO2 emissions.


We also try to be environmentally friendly in the production of our installations. For example, we design our drying systems with an energy-saving alternative to compressed air. In the case of fans, we are currently conducting a study on the use of EC motors with higher energy efficiency than required by European regulations. We also always offer the most efficient cooling tower or adiabatic cooler in terms of water or electricity consumption. Our water and air treatment department is responsible for helping other companies to use their process and drainage water as efficiently as possible by installing the most efficient water and air treatment installations.


AXON Group environment

Finally, every year we take part in the "au boulot à vélo" campaign, in which as many employees as possible come to work by bicycle for a few weeks. Nearly half of our employees leave their cars at home during this period!


AXON Group (both Almeco and PCA) is trying to make a difference to the environment. However, there is always room for improvement and we will continue to look for environmentally friendly alternatives.