Ronair goes beyond the five-second rule.

Ronair goes beyond the five-second rule.

The customers of our business unit Drying Solutions and our brand Ronair are spread across many different sectors. However, in recent years there has been a striking trend: we see that more and more of our large projects are based in the food industry. In that sector extra strict rules and requirements regarding hygiene apply. To meet these rules, our colleagues attended several courses and seminars.

On October the 12th, our Sales and Project Manager for Drying Solutions, Thibault Castel, attended the 'Hygiene For Food seminars organised by Flanders' FOOD and Agoria, in cooperation with the EHEDG. This tenth edition focused on the theme 'Managing hygiene in a changing world'. These seminars are the main event in Flanders regarding cleaning, hygiene monitoring and hygienic design for the food industry.

Last month, the designer of our drying solutions, Arnaud Pesenti, attended the course 'Hygienic Design' (also organised by Agoria). This three-day course combined theory with a visit to the company Mondelez in Namur.

Both courses paid extensive attention to the six elements that should be taken into account during the hygienic design process: the machine must be suitable to come into contact with the products. It must be possible to thoroughly clean the machine. There has to be a drain. The machine must be waterproof, protected against non-biological hazards and each part must be accessible for maintenance.

In addition to these crucial topics, the seminars are also an opportunity to stay up to date with trends and new developments in the sector. It is a chance to get to know other professionals in the business, but also to encounter people from the academic world and the government, which also plays an important role. After all, it is not easy to get a feel for the legislation, and different standards and authorities governing the extensive food industry.

At Almeco we continue to strive for improvement! Our drying solutions are tailor-made and designed in such a way that you can easily continue to meet the hygiene requirements!

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