The 5 biggest dangers of compressed air

The 5 biggest dangers of compressed air

Do you work in a sector where a lot of dust circulates? Have your technicians been using compressed air to clean themselves? Then you probably know that blowing off with compressed air is not without danger!

In our infographic or in the text below you can read all about the dangers of compressed air and we propose a safe alternative.

The figures in the ACV(*) don't lie. 49% of Belgian companies fail to pass security checks. 79 Belgians become incapacitated for work on a daily basis, that's almost 30,000 every year (= 0.3% of the population!). Finally, 2 out of 3 work accidents are not even registered yet, so in reality those figures are even higher. Of course, compressed air is not the only or the main cause of these accidents, but it is one of the causes that we could easily prevent.

An accident with compressed air happens quickly. Especially when employees are not aware of the danger or do not follow the work procedures closely. Compressed air is often used by employees to dedust themselves. However, there are major risks involved. Because of the concentrated flow, high pressure and high speed, you can get skin wounds. Direct contact with compressed air can have serious or even fatal consequences. Even when using safety nozzles, which keep the compressed air below 30 psi, the risks to the human body remain real. 

Possible dangers are:

  1. Skin wounds.
  2. When compressed air is blown into the mouth, the lungs, stomach or intestines can rupture.
  3. Compressed air can enter the body through the navel, even through a layer of clothing, and rupture the intestines.
  4. Compressed air can enter the bloodstream and cause an embolism with serious to fatal consequences. If the air bubble enters the brain, it can cause a stroke and in the heart it can lead to a heart attack.
  5. If the compressed air is directed towards the eye, it can blow out an eye.

Do not use any more compressed air! But how can the staff safely dedust themselves? 

The JetBlack Safety System is a safe alternative to dedusting employees. A blower delivers a large volume of air at a relatively low pressure, only 200 mBar. In addition, the system is also more energy efficient and quieter than compressed air equipment.
Do you want to capture the dust blown off? No problem, we also offer a cleaning booth. This booth ensures that the dust is extracted and collected safely and efficiently. 

Do your employees blow themselves off with compressed air? Are you aware of the dangers? Are you looking for a safe alternative? Contact our team, they will be happy to help you out.